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Food Pantry


Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him! Ps. 34:8


Gethsemane Church Incorporated and Gethsemane Charity Incorporated. Complimentary to our Community.

We are a Christian Organization however our Services are open to Everyone:

Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Atheists and People from Every Race, Religion, Nationality, Ethnicity & Culture. We don’t criticize or condemn anyone.

We believe in working together towards the common goal of helping one another. We offer complimentary fruit, veggies, bread, doughnuts, buns, rolls, bakery products and sometimes meats, eggs, clothes & op shop items.

We’re here to serve the helpless, the hopeless and the homeless. Also anyone who’s experiencing hunger, need and any difficulty: financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally and socially.

We also run a Talent Academy and an Opportunity Shop.

We Host & Present the spectacular Clyde Carols by Candlelight. Our event was patronized by over 5 thousand residents in 2019, where we handed out free giveaways including UNLIMITED free rides for children.

For Christmas we present a Christmas Miracle, handing out Toys to Children in need and hopefully Adults too.

We’re here to serve you and meet your need more than once a week, as best we can.


Please note, if you face a food emergency at ANY time, we’ll endeavour to help you 24/7. We don’t restrict your access to health care cards, proof of ID, reviews, ratings, donations or proximity – our love for the community has no boundaries, no expectations & no charge. 

All we ask is that you respect one another as well as our volunteers, sponsors, suppliers and the charitable services we offer. Failing to do so will have an adverse effect on those in genuine need. We consider it a joy and a privilege to help in fulfilling a need and comforting a broken heart.

Disrespect and abuse will not be tolerated. Charities are not an entitlement. They’re a blessing which you should be respectful of and thankful for, whether you acknowledge God's Provision or not.


Please contact us if you know of anyone, including yourself, who could benefit from our services. Kindly let us know if you would like to contribute or get involved in anyway. Stay Blessed 😊

Opportunity Shop


Gethsemane runs an Opportunity Shop which includes Clothing, Furniture, White Goods and other Necessities which are Free to Access.  

Talent Academy


Gethsemane operates a Talent Academy which is free to Access. We realize that affordability is often a factor which prevents parents from being able to harness their Child’s Talent. Triple Treat Talent Academy offers Families the opportunity to overcome this obstacle and to nurture their Child’s gifting.