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Senior Pastor

Senior Pastor

Pastor Kerrigan La-Brooy

Pastor Kerrigan La-Brooy is the Senior Pastor, Church Planter, Founder and Creator of Gethsemane Church & Charity.

Pastor Kerrigan was a full-time Singer/ Songwriter/ Entertainer who Toured the World and Topped the Charts, but he shelved his Career when he got Married to his Beautiful Wife Michelle to raise his 6 young Children whom he refers to as his Priceless Treasures;

Kerrigan Jr, Heathcliff, Tempest, Xondra, Tennessee & Jerusalem.

He was just making a long-awaited come-back to the music scene when he was Divinely Directed to Plant Gethsemane Church & Charity.

In immediate obedience to the Lord’s Calling and Choosing, Pastor Kerrigan submitted to his Ministry taking precedence over his career.


After nearly 20 years, Pastor Kerrigan La-Brooy, a multi-talented, multi award-winning, Father of Six, Senior Pastor, Church Planter, Charity Founder, Director, Producer, Entrepreneur, Author, Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer, Radio Presenter, Event Organiser and Father of the Year, decided to return to the Recording Studio, after nearly 20 years, to raise funds for Gethsemane in order to continue his unrivalled charitable work nationally and globally.

Pastor Kerrigan has just Released his 7th Studio Recording and his Debut Country Gospel Album, ‘Thank You Precious Lord’ (7 studio recordings later). His greatest joy is that his 6 Children feature on it as well. His songs continue to top the charts in Australia and Worldwid 

‘Just A Little Talk With Jesus’ is the 1st Single and the 9th Track off the Album. The single was Released in Australia, Europe, America, New Zealand and Canada. Ps Kerrigan chose to leave some songs stripped back on his latest album. “What you hear is what came out in my 1st take,” he reveals. “I believe it’s important to bring a live element to the studio and sometimes it’s best to leave the vocals uncontrived.” This is one such track where his contagious buoyancy is cheekily evident as he even adds a touch of yodelling.

Ps Kerrigan’s first single debuted at #1 on the Australian Country Thunder Top 20 Charts ahead of other acts from Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada & Europe. It stormed to #1 for 2 consecutive weeks on The Official Tasmanian County Music Top 40 Charts in Australia and also reached #1 on the Gospel Express Charts.

Furthermore, it currently sits at # 1 on the European Airplay Top 40 Singles Chart with Joyce Ramgatie for the 3rd week. Ps Kerrigan also held the #1 position on the Top 200 Artist Charts for two weeks running and currently sits at #2 behind Johnny Cash. His single received Gold and Platinum status for Airplay. It sat just outside the Top 10 on the European Charts and his video of the song features on European and Nashville Television. He has featured in the Nashville Country Music Magazine and several other Press write-ups around the world.

Ps Kerrigan released 2 more singles. ‘Oh, Lonesome Me’ to the European market and ‘New Hallelujah’ in Australia. Oh Lonesome Me has just entered the European Charts and New Hallelujah has reached #1 on the Airplay Express Charts and received Gold, Platinum and Multi-Platinum status for Airplay. New Hallelujah stormed up the TYGA FM charts now and is was #1 on the Country Thunder Charts for 5 weeks running.

Ps Kerrigan was #1 on SIX different charts with THREE different            songs in the SAME week.

  • New Hallelujah - #1 – Gospel Express Charts x 2 Weeks going MULTI-PLATINUM! 
  • New Hallelujah - #1 – Country Thunder World Charts x 4 Weeks. 
  • New Hallelujah - #1 – Country Thunder Australian Charts x 4 Weeks. 
  • Oh Lonesome Me - #1 – Video Express Charts (in just 3 weeks). 
  • Just A Little Talk With Jesus - #1 – International Airplay Charts Top 40 x 2 Weeks. 
  • Ps was also #1 on the International Airplay Charts Top 200 Artists x 2 Weeks. 

New Hallelujah and Oh Lonesome Me are continuing to climb up the Charts. But more than impacting the Charts, Ps Kerrigan is more interested in impacting people’s Hearts with the love of Jesus.


Ps Kerrigan has a Boxset of 8 CDs. They can be purchased individually or as a complete Boxset. Ps Kerry donates 50% of every sale immediately into Gethsemane and the magnificent work being done in the community to spread God’s Word and shine the love of Jesus.


Ps Kerrigan is a published Author. While his novel is on hold, due to his unprecedented workload, he has published a children’s book titled Caro The Talking Carrot (Meets Wilma The Worm). Here again 50% of all sales goes directly into the Community.

Ps Kerrigan’s Children’s Series

Caro The Talking Carrot Meets Wilma The Worm

Pastor Kerrigan La-Brooy has done it again. His rarely mentioned Children’s Series is now available on the International Market and right here in Australia. With his ardent love for children and 6 priceless treasures of his own plus fifty-seven nieces and nephews, Ps Kerrigan has shelved his adult novel, giving precedence to the children’s series.

Ps Kerrigan has Published his book through his own Publishing Company, "Kerrigan Publishing" founded in early 2008. He had initially signed with a US based company but had to withdraw his contract due to a major postal oversight. Kerrigan's book is titled "CARO THE TALKING CARROT MEETS WILMA THE WORM". He kept details of the adorable character Caro under wraps until now. The reason Ps Kerrigan is publicizing his authorship now is because he has decided to donate proceeds from sales of the book towards Gethsemane Church & Charity and the unrivalled work they do helping the community.

Ps Kerrigan was invited to the Monash Children’s Hospital in collaboration with Starlight Foundation on Author’s Day to read his book and also to sing and play his guitar.

The book costs only $20 Plus P&H and is a lifetime gift to give any child. The character is instantly endearing. The storyline is informative and educational with a conscious emphasis on children’s health and well-being while simultaneously capturing the imagination of the child and bringing light-hearted entertainment to even the adult reader.

In a time and age when story's and games are based largely on violence and with incentives offered for the consumption of junk food, Caro The Talking Carrot brings a refreshing change. Furthermore with today’s strong awareness directed at body image and the perception that to be beautiful you have to be slim, which sadly results in young ones succumbing to peer pressure even to the extent of starving their way to acceptance, this series makes a subtle difference.

Caro The Talking Carrot reveals from the opening lines that being too skinny is not a good thing. It distracts from the common cliché and establishes that the main character does not have to be slim and tall or even good looking. If children are encouraged to adapt to the character and hopefully fall in love with Caro, it will at the very least, inspire them to take pleasure in their Vegetables.

We as adults can teach them, albeit at an early age, the importance of healthy eating and dismiss the misconception that being slim is essentially all that matters. Help them establish a sensible balance while recognizing the importance that being underweight is as harmful as being overweight; and consequently prepare them for adolescence and the impressionable years leading up to it, when if faced with body image issues and peer pressure, they will be more equipped and more informed with how to deal with it.

Belief and guidance instilled at a young age bear a stronger influence in latter years than we probably deem possible, even in the far recesses of a child’s memory. Ps Kerrigan says, "I still remember the childhood stories either self-read or read out to me, more fondly, and perhaps more vividly, than the novels absorbed since."

Each book is written with humour aforethought and some interesting and enlightening facts which even grown-ups might find fascinating. Depending on age, either the child can do the reading themselves or an adult can read it out to them. Bear in mind, despite the deep and meaningful concept, this series on Caro The Talking Carrot is predominantly intended for the imaginative and cheerful amusement of a child - any consequent achievements are a bonus.

Ps Kerrigan worked with an Illustrator from Canada. Her name is Izabela Ciesinska and the working relationship between both Kerrigan and Izabela was absolutely intriguing. They formed a unique partnership and amazingly found themselves on the same wavelength throughout the entire process.

To order copies of Ps Kerrigan’s Book "Caro The Talking Carrot Meets Wilma The Worm" contact the Publisher or the Author directly on 0404 875 647.

Caro The Talking Carrot


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