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For those who have not heard of this charity group, Gethsemane is a Christian group; wonderful people with big hearts that serve the community providi

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I personally don’t go to church, but I support the work these people do. Not because they belong to any particular religion, but because they share

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They are a great Church with limited resources helping the community

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Thank you for putting food on our table and feeding our family

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Gethsemane Church is set apart from the rest. Pastor Kerrigan is truly modest in all he does. He is the driving force that God has placed here to lead

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This man ("mind you" NEVER without a smile on his face NEVER) my Pastor is the most Honest Genuine most Transparent "Gentleman" you could ever know. H

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I want to thank Pastor Kerrigan and his lovely wife Michelle for all the endless hours of work they put into Gethsemane. They work tirelessly 24/7, to

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Gethsemane is the best. The staff and volunteers are so cheerful and loving all the time. You always receive a warm welcome with coffer, tea and somet

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I was at the end of my tether. I had given up on life. And then I entered the world of Gethsemane. My life is now filled with purpose and I feel value

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Pastor Kerrigan you ARE the man that God HAS chosen!!!!! We trust you to lead us all.

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